REPOST: What I’ve learned (thus far)…

Source: REPOST: What I’ve learned (thus far)…

What I’ve learned (thus far)…


Some important things I have learned over time, and perhaps always knew profoundly, I just have a greater sense of these things now…first, stand in gratitude, you will find even more for which to be thankful....

1. There is ALWAYS something to be thankful for, a lot actually. For example, in living and breathing, that is a huge blessing.

2. We are never defined by our hardships, or any obstacles that we must overcome; we are not defined by the times of temporary circumstances of hardship quite the contrary actually. We are defined by how we overcome those obstacles, to grow, to learn and to better ourselves each and every day – this opportunity is always present to do better, be kinder, choose more love for yourself and therefore be able to proceed with greater love for others.

3. We are and should never be in competition with anyone, each of us have gifts, God given gifts to use for good in the world. It is our responsibility to ourselves and others(all sentient beings) to find our God given gifts/talents/innate abilities to work hard to refine them and use our gifts/abilities to contribute good in the world.

4. When one experiences moments of joy and times in your life or in each day (as the opportunity for joy exists each and every day) cherish that. The PRECISE unique joyful moment in time or a period of time, in one’s life won’t last; meaning, each joyful moments exists in that precise moment or space in time precisely as it does, so appreciate, and recognize the value in the moment or phase in time. The great memories DO last, hold onto those.


Create even more joy, look for the good in every day. Stop rushing around, meaning stop to see and truly appreciate the beautiful sunset or sunrise for example as no sunset or sunrise will ever be precisely or uniquely the same. Yes! there will be more beautiful sunrises and sunsets and many additional beautiful moments in time, yet each one is extremely unique in its beauty. This can be applied to life, each day, moment of each day and the beauty found in each day will never occur precisely the same again, YET the good news is there is more beauty and good to be found in life, each and every day.

5. There are people who may at times proceed in manners which may be hurtful to us at times, can even be something very simple as someone rude to us when we are at the grocery store. Realize that this is just about something that may be hurting them, that is not yet healed but it can be or they may just be having a bad day. There is always hope! So much hope. There is hope that possibly one day for each and every person, where anything which had hurt them in the past can be healed (happens to all of us to various extents) – and in place of the hurt, it can be replaced with love, AND more beauty and strength based in LOVE (true strength based in love and compassion for oneself and others), when they choose. When one is rude mannered for example..i.e as simple as not proceeding with kindness, they just have not yet found love from within for themselves to a FULL extent, many in the world are still working on finding more love from within and happiness. The more love and happiness found for oneself, from within each person, the more it can be shared with others. Happiness means filling your life with things that bring you joy, and being kind brings joy too!! You must learn to be kind to yourself, many do our best! Maybe something is unhealed in a person from pain they may have experienced, which is why it comes out a bit externally. Pray and hope for them that one day all will heal what has hurt them and have so much love for themselves and others, as we are born with immense love, all of us; so find the love, protect your inner child and the pure heart within, and then proceed with love and kindness for oneself and others, always. And be sure to do the same for yourself, when you have love and kindness in your heart starting with you, then this love will become present in all you do. If you are having a day that might seem hard, get out and take a walk or just breathe the fresh air to appreciate nature, there is beauty all around us, all the time.

6.No matter how much we think we know, there is always room for improvement and more to learn. All of us can teach and all of us can learn in a positive and inspiring love based manner, whether age 5 or age 80.

7. Each day everyone has a choice to proceed with love and kindness toward all. Choose that path, which is filled with immense blessings. And there is always much to be thankful for.

8. Build others up, and never tear down. YOU will feel better and a bit of kindness goes a long way. Kindness has the ability to save a life. Focus on your strengths and the strengths of others.

If you find yourself struggling or having a hard day, stop for a moment and start thinking about the many things you have to be thankful for. There are an abundance of blessings each and every day, and much to be thankful for. So, yes count your blessings, when you do they multiply. Focus on good and more good comes your way. A positive outlook does make a difference.

Much love and many blessings,


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