17 years experience as a strategic consultant for business owners, talent, philanthropists, and filmmakers, Lisa Pellegrene now using her reach as a top ranked worldwide social media "influencer"to assist artists, advocates, entrepreneurs, and authors to grow their reach and presence in the media, to accomplish more good in the world and so that her clients can do more of what they love, using their gifts and abilities! Ms. Pellegrene also brings her background/education in Journalism/PR, marketing and strategy to this consultation to the time to get to know your background, your inspiring work, and how to help you continue to reach your goals. She is always keeping in mind the importance of each person staying true to their authentic self and utilizing their talents and abilities in a positive, uplifting way. She implements her strategist skills to help you increase your reach, grow your brand and achieve your goals, and to do more good in the world!

Comprehensive P/R Consultation