Ingredients: Cane sugar*, Kabocha squash powder*, Cocoa powder*, Agar*, Guar gum*, Vanilla powder* *Certified organic
Made in Canada


From THE ONE AND ONLY VEGAN CUSTARD PUDDING STORE HOW "TRULY INCREDIBLE PUDDINGS" BEGAN! A poet Sora and his wife Hiro traveled around the world for 4 and a half years. Because Sora is vegan, in 2011 they came to the vegan friendly city of Vancouver. Sora started to host poetry reading events with vegan food made by Hiro. Sora asked Hiro if she could make vegan custard puddings for the event. Hiro created a vegan pudding recipe and it was huge success! After that anyone who tried the pudding wanted to try it again. Sora and Hiro decided to start catering. As the catering numbers grew, they decided to start the small take-away window pudding shop. Now their pudding is available at many restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores.

Chocolate Vegan Pudding Powder Mix