100% Plant based (Vegan) Amazing Recipes

December 7 2018

Vegan Pizza

Stonefire naan flatbread *vegan, Daiya *dairy-free cheese (mozzarella), Delallo Foods Pizza Sauce, veggies to include: green pepper. red pepper, chard, spinach, kale, tumeric root *dont need much tumeric root, buy it fresh and peel, very healthy!, fresh basil, ground black pepper (piperine in the pepper gives more health benefits from the turmeric, from the synergistic effects of using turmeric and black pepper together), Himalayan salt (just a bit). Bake at 400 ish for 7 to 10 minutes. TIP: I put the sauce on the naan, then the dairy free cheese, top with veggies and then add more dairy free cheese on top before a few spices. Also, when its done cooking*10 minutes ish) put extra virgin organic oil olive (just a bit) for extra health benefits.

vegan pizza.jpg

Ginger, Turmeric and Asparagus Jasmine Rice (Vegan, of course)

Super easy to make and very healthy and delicious!

Boil Jasmine rice, I actually buy the Success brand rice, boil in the BPA free bag/non GMO too, 10 minute rice. Its good to perfect it, and to save on time... when you are busy like me and would rather be doing other things then making rice the slower way (to have it come out not so great haha). Separately warm up extra virgin organic coconut oil in a large pan, add washed fresh asparagus (trim the white part of the ends of the asparagus, just a tip if you aren't accustomed to making asparagus) medium/low heat just make sure the heat stays below the smoke point for coconut oil) and simmer, sprinkle Himalayan salt, ground black pepper, a bit of cinnamon, and peel fresh ginger root and fresh turmeric root, dice up about an inch of each or a wee bit more if you like...dont over do it!...and add to pan of asparagus, and cover. Its so healthy for you! Again peel the ginger and turmeric root first then add small pieces of it to the asparagus, Simmer about 5 minutes max (low to medium heat) until asparagus has a bright green color yet it is tender but still a bit crisp to cut into smaller pieces.

When rice is done, rinse and add to the pan with the asparagus, ginger, turmeric and spices. Cook an additional minute or two, blending the rice with the other ingredients. Serve and enjoy! Again pepper (the ingredient within black pepper called piperine) when used with turmeric, it increasing some of the healthy benefits of turmeric by 2000% and that is NOT a typo! :)

vegan ginger rice.jpg