"Deuce's Wild" is an innovative pet product line, only available here which brings with it, a whole lot of inspiration! Britt and her canine good citizen therapy dog are bringing this to you, responsible caring pet guardians everywhere for your beloved pooch! Made of colorful paracord this line has leashes, toys, harnesses, collars, etc...check back often to see what is new! Britt (pictured above with her much loved pit bull, a long time veterinary technician who loves color and has an eye for design and functionality." and Deuce he inspires her daily and is the reason she developed this line, to find things that she loved for him! If this isnt enough in terms of "awesome"...20% from the sale of EACH item will benefit dogs in need. For the next 60 days funds will go to my dog Pittie's "CAN beat cancer fund" as he is currently battling osteo and soft tissue sarcoma. Send prayers and much love his way too! Check the product listings on this site for "Deuce's Wild" Pet Products, custom orders can be taken, just send an email if you have a particular color combo in mind for a specific product not already featured on the site.