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He is an urban exploration, locomotive, wildlife and landscape photographer, as well as a writer. 

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Thomas W.P. Slatin

Social Media Influencer, Writer and Photographer Thomas Slatin Exemplifies - Purpose is Often Discovered at a Young Age

Written by Lisa Pellegrene Nov. 17, 2017

(Left to Right) - Dr. Harvey L. Slatin, Anne Slatin, Thomas Slatin (

(New York) - When one speaks with Thomas Slatin, Photographer, Writer and Web Designer, a fact that he will share based on his personal firsthand account, includes encouraging others to “follow your dreams, stick to what you know is the right path for you, and ignore those who think you are crazy, or who try to convince you to follow the dreams of someone else,” or in other words what they “think you should do with your life”. The answers for each of us, as Thomas Slatin knows profoundly, are found within each of us. One’s gifts, talents and areas of interest, where one can and will excel are often revealed at a very young age.

Thomas Slatin, renowned photographer and writer, as well as a web designer in a category of his own due to the design of completely original websites, discusses how his interests and talents revealed themselves at a young age. This may lead one to pose the question to themselves, “am I living my life according to the truest version of myself?, and am I doing work I love?, as well as “am I truly following my dreams, staying true to my authentic self?”. Slatin stated in a recent interview, “my father was passionate about photography. When I was age seven, my father gifted me a basic point-and-shoot 35mm film camera. It had the most basic settings, and could only shoot on 100 or 400 ISO film.” He continued, “the light meter was also basic and a little red light would illuminate within the viewfinder if flash was needed.” Thomas Slatin recalls at the age of 12, his father upgraded his camera to a Canon SLR 35mm with a 50mm focus lens. “It soon became my prized possession,” concludes Slatin. He used it over the years to photograph and document his childhood. At the age of six, Slatin recalls having an “insatiable fascination with the written word,” filling his bedroom with shelves of books, giving himself a makeshift library set up. At age eight, he knew that he must be a writer. Thomas Slatin, continued, “my parents thought perhaps I should be an astronomer or even a doctor (perhaps due to his father knowing and highly respecting, Carl Sagan). They felt at the time that wanting to “be a writer” was an abstract and silly idea. I refer to this time in my life as “playful beginnings” and have written extensively about it.” Years later, Slatin remembers a teacher hanging up a page of his writing work to demonstrate what a good example of writing looks like. “What I knew then and now, “my motivation to write is something I feel as if I was born with. It’s something that I cannot imagine not doing.”


Continuing to discuss the early life of Thomas Slatin, he recalls more of his childhood, always “looking forward to mornings filled with his mother making blueberry pancakes” and relating to a period of time that he has written extensively about that he refers to as “playful beginnings”. Many who follow the engaging social media platforms of Thomas Slatin know that he is a photographer who truly captures moments of time, moments which include “breathing life” into otherwise abandoned properties and geographical locations. He then writes about some of his work  in a journalistic style on Thomas Slatin selects his favorites and has his images are available for purchase on 500px. In speaking of his fascination with photographing properties and locations which are otherwise abandoned, one will find that this interest also revealed itself itself during his childhood. Slatin recalls an experience that he had when he was nine years old, while visiting family friends outside of NYC. “One afternoon my friend and I saw a large decaying barn which sat across the street from my friends family’s house.  We immediately left out the back door to, of course, go explore the barn.” Slatin continued, “Before our eyes what we saw was completely unexpected and nothing short of amazing - we found an entire barn filled with perfectly preserved antiques, furniture, and possessions which likely belonged to the house which once stood on the opposite end of the property.” Slatin described what he and his friend saw as “reminiscent of the early 1900’s, and it was as if someone left their entire life’s possessions, planning to return eventually, but never did.” Since this point, Slatin has continued to honor his authentic self, through continuing to do work that is inspiring to him, as well as many others.


 Through his photography work, and his passion for exploring otherwise abandoned places, his love and gift for writing, Thomas Slatin continues to pursue the work he loved as a child. According to many who follow his work, the authenticity, passion and love for his work is evident in all he does. One can join the social media audience of Thomas Slatin on Twitter at @twps. Thomas Slatin is utilizing his talents and interests discovered in childhood and truly following his dreams and encouraging others to do the same. There is one notable difference from his childhood states Thomas Slatin, “now as a responsible adult, I make much more of a concerted effort to obtain the permission of the property owner, before I go exploring and photographing otherwise abandoned places.”