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I believe that so many rescuers

have that first rescued

(and vice versa, as

they do the same for us)


- who

inspired so much...

for me this was Bandit. 

Santa Monica, CA - 2003


I've been very actively involved with saving animals in need since 2003 in Los Angeles, when I rescued my dog, Bandit. I always say that he inspired my continued rescue efforts. I had been saving animals since I was a child, but it was after rescuing Bandit from Santa Monica Shelter in 2003 that he inspired me to do a lot more. Bandit was a 12 year old Beagle when I adopted him, and he had tumors all throughout his body. The shelter actually thought he didn't have much longer, and I couldn't let the shelter (although a very good one) be the last home he knew. I remember the day I took him home, all of us at the shelter that day had some tears. It was a happy day for Bandit and a very happy and blessed one for me too. We spent days walking throughout the neighborhood, and sometimes joyfully running through an alley by our house, when he had the inclination to do so! After a little over three heartfelt weeks of caring for one of the most beautiful beings ever, he became ill to the pt that I had to call the pet ambulance. The doctor told me they thought I could pick him up in the am and they had just wanted to keep him overnight. Truly, when I think back I wish I would have taken him home with me that night. but the doctor thought it was best that he stay the night.  I remember him looking over the doctor's shoulder starring at me with so much love, as they carried him into the room where he would sleep that night. Bandit passed in the early hours of morning at the animal hospital. When I received that call, I sobbed, my heart felt shattered.  Heartbroken doesn't even come close to explaining how I felt when he passed. I know that he knew love and he knew he had a home where he was loved in this world with me as his mom, and I know he will always know I will always love him, and I know he felt and will always feel the same about me (and will always know - love is truly infinite and eternal), yet the sadness I felt, left me inconsolable for a long while. It is because of Bandit that I learned the importance of stepping up to save precious lives, and as much as we save them, they do the same for us, if not more so. It is because of Bandit, a lot of animals have been saved. I wrote the following back in 2003 in his memory. Bandit is a hero and he always will be. 

Screenshot 2022-07-14 2.21.43 AM.png
Screenshot 2022-07-14 2.22.16 AM.png

I still miss running with Bandit through the quiet alleyways in the streets of Santa Monica. When I think back, I can recall this as if it was yesterday; truly I can, in an instant. What I have learned is that love truly is eternal and infinite, and Bandit is always with me in spirit, and I will always keep his memory alive. His memory lives on as he also continues to inspire the rescue of so many precious lives, and of course that "rescue" works both ways, as I continue to be blessed through the lives of animals. xo

It was also in 2003 that I adopted both Max and Bruno from the West LA Shelter, who were brothers from the start, the start of the day they first met. I love them forever, as I do with everyone I have adopted. Max is on the cover of "Be Epic, Choose Love. The Inspiration Continues."