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The Sunshine Shop


April 2022 - The Sunshine Shop 

Hi and thank you so much for visiting my page, especially this week as I launch "The Sunshine Shop" an online boutique where you can find unique items from around the world that I have hand selected, and the best part is - ALL of the items here are based on compassion. Every skincare item is vegan and cruelty free. Every food product is vegan. And all of the clothing is Eco-conscious and beautiful. 

It seemed appropriate that I name the shop "The Sunshine Shop" after launching my book, "A Glimpse Into the Sunshine" recently. You can find the full color version on Amazon, or you can request a signed copy here by completing the form below or clicking the "Let's Chat" button in the bottom right hand corner of the this page. 


It was in the Summer 2011, during a time that I had left Los Angeles for a few years at that point and before returning to LA, I decided to take classes at a university in the northeast. One of those classes was an Ethics class. It was during this class that I did my term paper strongly opposing vivisection/animal testing. What I learned broke my heart, and as I already opposed it strongly before all of the research, my research just solidified the conviction I had already had, that animal testing should NEVER take place. It is immensely wrong and cruel to the some of the most innocent souls on the planet - animals. They deserve our love and protection. When I did my presentation, about my opposition to animal testing of any kind, I realized that so many people were unaware of what really goes on. It was evident when at the beginning of the class, I had a stack of print outs for products that DON'T test on animals (and those who do, so people could avoid those ones). The crazy thing was only a few people out of about 40 were even interested in the hand out. AFTER my presentation exposing the truth about what happens to innocent animals who are subjected to cruel testing (all of it is cruel) that ratio changed in terms of who wanted the hand out. Literally now people were coming up to me asking for it, and only a couple out of the 40 left without the hand out I created that day, so that people could make compassionate choices if empowered to do so. 

It was shortly after that class that I made the connection fully that I needed to go vegan too. I thank my friend, who ran and developed a vegan project for model contributors called V-Girls/V-Guys, namely Melissa Schwartz who was a big help the year I went vegan. I realized that (as I always was, I brought up the subject as a young child) that all animals deserve love and compassion ALL the days of their lives. SO being vegan now for 10 years was a natural progression for me. This is one of the best decisions I ever made! It is also natural that my new online shop - "The Sunshine Shop" is one based in love and compassion, where all products are hand selected from around the world by me, and they are all based in compassion for animals and humans too. Remember as a consumer, your vote matters. Choose wisely. Choose love and compassion for all others - human and animal, and don't forget to include yourself. If you haven't read my book, "Be Epic, Choose Love" yet - please do! "Be Epic, Choose Love - The Inspiration Continues is the full version of my book available in full color on Amazon. One can't go wrong by choosing love and compassion all the days of your life - just remember to support compassionate products too, as your "vote" matters.

Net profits from "The Sunshine Shop" benefit my rescued horses, piggies, doves and dogs. So I hope the shop brings you joy, and comfort in knowing that you are supporting utmost love.

The direct link to the shop is or go to the "more" tab in the upper right hand corner of the site and click "shop." 


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